Understanding the Divide.

My first post was about how divided and unorganized the Democratic party has seemed to become since the election of President Trump. I wrote my post and also posted it onto several democratic group Facebook pages. I have received mixed responses to said post. One email I was sent struck a cord and made me write this post. The emailer was extremely appreciative of my honesty in what I have seen in the Democratic party. Now to be clear, I am still a Democrat. I still believe in all of the same values. Going forward I just refuse to stand by and watch my own party destroy itself because they are upset about rumors, conspiracy theories, and a lost election. I myself was a Bernie Sanders fan. I waited for three hours in line for one of his rally’s in my home state. I waited another 3 hours for him to show up to said rally and loved every minute of waiting and hearing him speak. When he did not win the nomination my focus turned to Hillary, because in my mind I would rather see Hillary in the white house than our current President. When President Obama took office many friends of mine here in a very Republican state would bad mouth and bash him (like many Democrats are doing with the current President) my one response would be “You might not like the the person in the office but you have to respect the office of the President of the United States.” A divided America does NOTHING but help our enemies become stronger. Republican, Democrat, Green, or Libertarians we are all AMERICANS. We all want a safe place to raise our children, have a successful career, and feel welcomed. Currently in the political climate Millennials do NOT feel welcome. Many veterans in the political world refuse to listen to millennials or their ideals. This is a mistake. I myself am a millennial. We are the next generation of leaders that will run this country. Our ideas are important. Our ideas can make a difference. One vote can make a difference.


The email I received showed me that many Democrats feel the way that I do. That a divided Democratic party does nothing but help our counterparts win. This is the time to stand up and say what we feel. I have already personally received backlash from my honest and true opinion. I am a voting delegate in my state party and if they want me out they are going to have to vote me out or physically remove me. One thing that people don’t realize about millennials that are into politics? Is that we are RELENTLESS. Our words will be heard. This blog might not be read by many. But if I can relate to one person, I will feel like I am doing something worth while. I’m not saying Millennials are all knowing or that everything we say is the right way. I’m saying that obviously the “old way” isn’t working. New, fresh, and current ideas are NECESSARY to continue to grow our party. Democrats! Get your act together! We are one party. We are the party that says we welcome all! Yet when someone disagrees with you they are put on the outside. Well I am here to tell you in the words of a famous movie “No one puts baby in a corner.” I will post my blog, I will post them on any and all Facebook pages I can get my hands on. Fellow frustrated Democrats need to know they are not alone. New ideas need to be welcomed or else we will be the sword that kills off our own party.

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