Embracing or Enraging College Students

The current political climate impacts every citizen in our country. The concern here is not how are we going to change the DNC. The concern is that the DNC and their current ideals are not willing to embrace the ideas of younger voters. To quote a very intelligent woman I recently spoke with “It’s not “How do we get the younger voters? Its not how do we get the minority vote.” Its how is the DNC and their perspective candidates going to support these groups.” Currently we have no support. The DNC has a representative that “specializes” in youth organization and this person won’t even accept Facebook messages from State Federation leaders of College Democrats of America. For heavens sakes is College Democrats of America even a caucus anymore? Is all of our paperwork finally turned in? I say we because even though I resigned from my elected positions, I am still a college student and I am still a democrat. I see more State Federation leaders helping others than CDA. For example the State Federation leaders of the New Jersey Chapter reaches out and asks for involvement and help from other states. I was recently asked to go to Georgia and help their chapter. Where in the hell is the CDA board during this? Has any member of the CDA board ever visited my state? No! But they expect me to pay for a flight, hotel, food, registration fees, etc. Does this seem like an oxymoron to anyone else? I could justify spending the money if I had some support on the other side, but I don’t. I have attended CDA convention and the one time I went I can say the only things that came out of it were I was able to hear Senator Elizabeth Warren speak in person, and I was also sued for trying to impeach the previous president of CDA. The actions of the previous CDA president were unjust and down right ridiculous. Did the DNC come to my defense when I was sued for trying to keep transparency in a party that says they are transparent? No. Did the DNC help me pay any of my legal fees fighting a battle that was a joke? No. Did CDA ever email, call, text, or even Facebook message me and apologize for the pure hell they put me through when they elected a President that was bending the rules to get her way? No.

These actions are becoming more and more apparent to college students and certain ones of us will no longer sit by and let this happen. We will no longer stand by and watch our party preach “transparency” when they themselves have corrupt leadership. The DNC chair was recently in my state and made an off handed comment about how he was coming to unite Democrats across the country but my state is typically red so don’t expect much help. REALLY?!?!?! This is how we want to teach the leaders of tomorrow? No wonder our country is currently in the climate that it is. No wonder millennials feel disenfranchised with the current political arena. These things have to change. There is no can it change. It is a question of when will CDA or the DNC wake up and realize you are losing amazing members because of your hierarchy ideals. A Revolution is upon us. The question I’m asking all of you is, Are you going going to be on the wrong side of history or the right side of history? Are you going to stand up for what you believe in, or be mowed over by ideals of the generation before us. America is not what it used to be “back in the good old days.” Change is happening. Either embrace it or expect an enraged generation of people who were not “heard.” How many warnings do you need CDA? DNC?

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